Irrigation Farmers Network Research and extension activities are designed to provide members with the latest information about profitable, sustainable irrigated cropping systems.

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Irrigation Farmer Network membership is a fully web based and electronic system that allows more flexibility and easier access to all the latest research results, news and events. Memberships are exceptional value at $50 (inc. GST) per year. To make memberships easier, our online payment system is design to take the hassle out of staying up to date.  When you join below, it will automatically subscribe you to Irrigation Farmers Network, which means each year on the same date your membership will be renewed and paid with the card you selected. You will be automatically on a 12 month rolling membership and the fee will remain $50 unless you are notified otherwise. Please note you can cancel your membership subscription at any time.


Memberships are $50inc GST, automatically billed annually. You can join anytime during the year and get access to the great benefits straight away!

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